Mercury Minute

It's time to get to know one of our members!
Sarah Catarino

What's your hometown?
I live in Denton but was born and raised in Puerto Rico.


How did you hear about MCF and what made you decide to try it?
José Rullán recommended MCF and always spoke highly of Heather and the rest of the team.

What was your first experience like?
I Loved it. I felt comfortable since the first day. 

What's your favorite WOD? Least favorite?
The least favorite for now is the Badger....My favorite was Helen.

Favorite cheat meal?

When did you start at MCF?
March 2017.

What motivates you?
The way I feel.  As I started my exercise routine, my health became better and I feel better about myself.  In turn, I have motivated others to start an exercise routine. It is contagious.

What are some of your accomplishments in and out of the box?
I did a Tough Mudder and enjoyed every step of the way.

What are some of your interests outside of CF?
I love music and dancing. If I have extra time, travel.

What kind of work do you do?
I work for American Airlines as a customer service manager.

What is a current CF goal you're working on?
Loose another 10lbs and strengthen my upper body, especially the arms.

Sarah Catarino
Sarah Catarino