Mercury Minute

"I've been doing CrossFit for about five or six months now and I feel amazing. I've lost quite a bit of body fat, and I've seen such improvement, words can't describe it."

"CrossFit is nothing like a gym. A gym is a great atmosphere, but this is more of a family. People cheer me on, and push me harder. There is always someone who is going to push you to that next level"

"Before, I basically hit a level. I had tried one fitness video and hit to the max level, I never got any improvements and then I'd try a new video. I'd see a little bit of change but not much. But when I come here, it's constantly varied, I see all sorts of improvements and spikes. It's crazy the jumps in the amount of weight I can lift now, as opposed to doing those home fitness videos for many years."

"So when I first joined CrossFit, you know I wasn't lifting quite enough for a guy my size- you would think I'd be able to lift more, but I've seen quite a bit of improvement as far as the weight goes."

"Some fo the various lifts, I've jumped up 25, 50 pounds or more, and see great improvement and still to this day I have PRs (Personal Records) almost every time I come out."

"Before I came to CrossFit, I was struggling just to get one or two pull-ups. It was kind of embarrassing, but to this day I could probably do 20 or 30 in a row, as far as kipping pull-ups. I've seen a vast improvement in such a short amount of time. It definitely can happen for just about anybody."

[coach] "Two minutes, two more minutes..."

"It's the coaching. They always help you, they show you ways to improve your form, increasing the weights. That's immense, I mean where are you going to get that? You're not going to get that at a gym unless you hire a personal coach one-on-one."

"Here you see those great gains, from all the personal coaching and then all the other people cheering you on. It's a great atmosphere, anybody can do this. Definitely."

"Man, there is nothing like CrossFit. I'm out of breath!"