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"Let me start by saying that I'm not an atheletic person; I never really played sports growing up or in high school, so exercising is a relatively new acitvity in my life."

"My sister has been doing CrossFit for two years and finally convinced me to attend a class with her. I did elements 1, and it was the hardest workout I had ever done. I was sore for a week, but I was hooked! The following week I joined Mercury CrossFit where I started with the elements training classes, and I never looked back. I love how every day is a new workout with new skills to learn and new challenges to tackle."

"My favorite part of being a member of Mercury CrossFit is the people. Everyone is so welcoming, patient, and encouraging; to me, community is such an important aspect of CrossFit. The group here has helped to encourage me and guide me as I work to get fit and to become a better CrossFit athlete."