“I started CrossFit on October 1, 2010, and despite turning green that first day, have been consistently CrossFitting since."

"Although I was overweight and out of shape when I started CrossFit it wasn’t long before I began to see noticeable changes in my fitness and my body composition. Now I average four to five workouts per week and that has been a good fit for me and my schedule. I really cannot imagine my life now without CrossFit. It has been an amazing lifestyle change for me. At age 43, I am stronger, more fit, and in better health than I was as a high school athlete. mcf-testimonials-400-mack-1Activities with my teenage sons are more fun and rewarding because I can better keep up with them, whether it is sports, backpacking, or CrossFitting together. My wife is a CrossFit coach and my sons regularly workout with us. It has become a significant part of our family life and is a fun and healthy activity we do together. Through CrossFit we have been able to not only teach our kids about health, fitness, and nutrition but to be examples of what those things actually look like in daily life and how to achieve them."

mcf-testimonials-400-mack-2"I have visited many CrossFit boxes, but I have only belonged to one, Mercury CrossFit. Mercury is a perfect fit for our family. It is an amazing group of coaches and athletes that all push each other to grow in their fitness. All the attributes that CrossFit promotes and stands for as a community can be seen first hand at Mercury. Encouragement, healthy competition, quality coaching and instruction, safety, and fun are all present at Mercury. The person finishing the WOD last always gets the loudest cheers. It is a great place to work out with friends who will hold you accountable for your fitness and help you strive to improve."

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